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Online Bible is a free Online Bible for your church study. Our Online Bible contains ALL the books in the Old Testament and the King James Version, and are searchable by keywords or verses - built for the Singapore Christian community.

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What is the Bible?

The word "Bible" refers to the canonical collections of sacred writings of Judaism and Christianity. Judaism's Bible is often referred to as the Tanakh or Hebrew Bible. The Christian Bible contains the same books of the Tanakh, which has been renamed as the Old Testament, and a collection of 27 books known as the New Testament.


The Old Testament was written before the life of Jesus and is accepted by Christians as scripture. Although generally similar to the Tanakh, it differs in terms of interpretation, emphasis and arrangement. The Bible used by the majority of Christians includes the New Testament, which relates to the life and teachings of Jesus, the letters of the Apostle Paul and other disciples in the early church (source: Wikipedia).

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